COVID19 Precautions

During this period of uncertainty with COVID-19, our primary goal is to keep our families and staff safe and comply with current recommendations from the CDC and WHO. In order to manage concerns and promote safe social distancing, we are limiting caregiver entry into the waiting room and will be retrieving your child from the car. Please help us to safely provide therapy services by following the protocol below:

  1. Please text your therapist or call the office when you arrive at the clinic.
  2. Your therapist will walk outside to safely assist your child into the clinic.
  3. As an extra precaution, we will treat in private spaces and disinfect between clients and throughout the day.
  4. Please arrive 5 minutes early to allow for a smooth and safe transfer out of the clinic and back into your vehicle.
  5. Our administrative staff will sign your child in for his/her session.
  6. If you have a co-pay, please come in after the transition time in order to limit unnecessary personal interaction.

Note: We are allowing one caregiver to join a child for new evaluations.

The safety of our patients and employees are our primary concern and we apologize for any inconvenience that these extra precautions may cause. Please call our main office at (843) 216-0290 with any questions or concerns.

*Please check with our Administrative staff to ensure that telehealth is allowed by your insurance provider.