Early Intervention

What is Early Intervention (EI)?

When faced with a child who isn’t meeting developmental milestones in a timely manner, caregivers want answers and guidance. At Coastal Early Intervention, our goal is to help families understand and gain access to developmental services and resources that promote growth and learning, not only for the child, but for the family as a whole.  We provide services to families through BabyNet and the Department of Disabilities and Special Needs. These Early Intervention services are free and offer an enormous amount of support and education.  In South Carolina, BabyNet serves children from birth to three years of age and can include therapy services. The Department Disabilities and Special Needs provides services after age three based on eligibility requirements.

Early Intervention services can include Service Coordination and Family Training.  Service Coordination efforts focus on helping each family develop their child’s Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP). The IFSP will outline the child’s present levels of development and family concerns. Developmental outcomes based on the family and the child’s needs are generated and then the appropriate services are put into place to assist each family and child in obtaining these goals. Service Coordination services also include making referrals for needed therapies, identifying community supports, and assisting with the transition potential school-based services at age three.  In addition to Service Coordination, Coastal Early Intervention also offers Family Training. Through Family Training, our providers work directly with each family and child helping to establish effective strategies for continued development that can be incorporated into daily activities.

Infants, toddlers, and children from birth to five years may be eligible for services at no charge to the family. Contact us you feel your child may be growing or learning more slowly with motor skills, communication abilities, social interactions, feeding skills, or self help activities.

Coastal Therapy also works closely with Early Interventionists that provide Service Coordination and Family Training from birth to age 5, and recommends Coastal Early Intervention, LLC.